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Announcing Enduring Lifes website

by Jonas · 10/30/2015 (1:21 pm) · 3 comments

Hello GG!

First of all i want to give you all some background on our project as this is the first blog about it on We have been working hard now for about a year on our flagship game Enduring life and we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
The project has been an absolute blast so far all the way from the beginning getting the critical game systems in place like woodcutting, a grid inventory and so many more systems to make the game handle the way it should, all the way up to today building our website and adding more luxury systems to our game and of course level editing.

Today we reached a big milestone, we launched our games website, (feel free to drop in for a visit!). Our website will be the main hub for information about our game with devblogs, news and contact info such as twitter.

So what is Enduring life?
In a few short words Enduring Life is a player versus player driven open world where your goal is to survive both nature and other players in a harsh unforgiving environment with perma death and siege warfare. You as a player start with nothing and must climb from the stone age to the present day with the goal of rebuilding society.
Who are we?
We are a three man team of developers from Sweden going by the banner of The sleepless geek squad. We are passionate about creating and bringing the best in open world survival gaming to our customers by developing new more interactive systems. Levraging years of experience in Coding, Scripting, 2D and 3D art we aim to create a new type of gameplay experience that although is reminisant of the already established genre will bring tons of new features.

Although we have a ton of development behind us we do have some ways to go still before release and for that time it is our hope that you want to follow us along as we inch closer to our goal.

As i close this blog out i want to reach out and thank the GG guys, the Steering committee and the entire Torque3D community, you guys are amazing and deserve all the praise i can muster, thank you for doing what you do.


About the author

Freelance 3D artist at day scripter/coder on Enduring Life at night. Lover of all things TorqueScript.

10/31/2015 (11:41 am)
Looks very promising. Good luck!
11/01/2015 (3:52 pm)
Good to see there are still people working with Torque.
11/02/2015 (2:28 pm)
You named your company appropriately :)

Congratulations on reaching your milestone!