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Community Contest - I see the light

by Geoff Beckstrom · 06/15/2012 (12:19 pm) · 21 comments

Okay I have tried to take feedback to heart and this week the contest is to create a showcase video of Torque 3D's light abilities.

The video should be no longer than 60 seconds.

The video should NOT be a tutorial (that will be coming as a future contest).

You may use any of the demo assets (Pacific, Chinatown, etc) or of course your own footage.

We will provide 3 awards which will be a GarageGames engine license of your choice. Videos will not be eligible to win more than one award. IE - the video that gets the most views will not be eligible to be selected by GG nor voted on by the community. The video selected by GG will not be part of the videos eligible to be voted on by the community.

Award #1 - will go to the video with the most confirmed views as of Friday June 29th 11:59AM PDT right as community power hour starts. (Clearly this puts value on getting something done quickly)

Award #2 - will go to the video that best promotes Torque 3D and its light features/abilities as selected by GarageGames

Award #3 - will go to the best/most popular video as selected by you the GG community. Voting will open Friday June 29th at the beginning of community power hour and will run until Monday at 11:59AM PDT. To be eligible to vote you must be a registered GG community member as of today June 15th OR you must have submitted your own video if you are a new member who registered after June 15th.

Game On!

PS - Yes you are allowed to use any content that GG provides as a demo with Torque 3D and of course anything you yourself create. But any video using unauthorized copyrighted material will be disqualified. This includes background music.
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06/15/2012 (1:16 pm)
Ooooh now this sounds like a fun challenge. I have been wanting to make something that would beat out that old Undercity tunnels demo I did for you guys all those years ago :)
06/15/2012 (1:44 pm)
My only complaint with this is that not everyone has access to a machine that can run T3D on its most detailed settings, restricting the competition to those with high-end machines that can. This might make it more of a contest of who has the best computer than who can do the most with the engine. Good luck to any who participate though. It'll be interesting to see what people come up with.
06/15/2012 (1:51 pm)
I would disagree. A lot of great T3D demos came out in 07/08 when T3D was still in beta and we were all using machines that were Core2Duo with a Geforce 8600 (and the engine was highly unoptimized). As such you can easily push Torque3D to do some very advanced affects without much effort, all it takes is knowledge to know how to push it without resorting to brute force development.
06/15/2012 (1:51 pm)
<Edit: double post bug...>
06/15/2012 (2:25 pm)
Maybe, but if I recall correctly those demos used the basic lighting, and were remarkable primarily because they were working well on such low-end hardware. If getting good lighting for the hardware you're running on counts for this contest as much as having the best possible lighting, then you do have a point. Maybe I'll see what I can do with basic lighting then.
06/15/2012 (3:33 pm)
No all the lighting demos were done with dynamic lighting, which is a big reason why they were so special at the time.
06/15/2012 (6:20 pm)

Can you recommend some software for making the video under Windows? I tried some software, but it seemed to be difficult to keep the quality without making it huge and hard to manage.

06/16/2012 (2:46 am)
@Frank Microsoft Encoder works well for me
06/16/2012 (6:46 pm)
Thanks, I will give it a shot.
06/18/2012 (3:14 pm)

I use Camtasia - the raw captured video (.camrec) file is very large. But once you edit and then produce the video into an MP4 the size is reduced quite a bit.

Fraps is a very popular screen capture option, specifically for computer games and much more price friendly at $37. Your raw Fraps captures will also be very large files but once you edit and produce them as MP4's the size becomes manageable.

CamStudio is a free but rather watered down option.
06/19/2012 (7:30 pm)

Ok, I will try this one. My entry is below:


Yes the video is more than 1 Minute, sorry. Yes the music is mine. I own a midi studio as well as do 3D. (Music is just for fun though). It took me about 12 total hours to make this from scratch. All the assets are mine and a couple of them will be freebies to the community, just to say thanks for the support of my packs and the Garage Games Store. I want to say good luck to everyone, I think this could be a really good contest.

P.S. Oh yeah this is my first 'try' at a full screen shader as well. I think it is still too dark but, it works for the scene.

06/20/2012 (3:11 pm)
That is really nice! Good job!

Oh I forgot to post what I found:
Apparently this is what the &quot;Big Boys&quot; use for editing full length movies.

I am having issues getting this to import files. One program that I found that works really well is this:
It is a suite of 18 programs and it looks like a yearly subscription. Right now it is going for $59 rather than $200. I played with it a bit and it seems to do what I want and includes video capture, video editing, sound editing, etc.
06/21/2012 (3:34 pm)
That is a bloody entertaining video there, Ron! That music will be haunting me all day now. :D
06/22/2012 (7:14 am)
Is there someplace on the site you can go to see the past contest winners?
I've looked but can't seem to find them. It would be nice if they we're showcased on the front page of the site.
06/22/2012 (7:44 am)
Great idea Dave! I will see what I can do for that.
06/30/2012 (12:28 pm)
I am indeed very sorry I couldn't participate in this contest! Just graduated from school so had no time to work on this.
I would have loved to participate tho! Hopefully next time! Hoping the next content is within 2 months so if everything goes right, I would actually be free to work on a contest!
07/05/2012 (9:01 am)
Well, I have a feeling the Ron is the big winner all around!
07/09/2012 (5:10 am)
Honestly, I think the contest should be extended to let some of the others take a shot at doing this. I guarantee someone out there has accomplished more with Torque's lighting tools than I have.

I don't want to 'win' by 'default' ;-)

07/12/2012 (3:36 pm)
Sounds good. I would really like to be able to vote on the contest (though I loved your entry)! I will extend it until the 27th of July. So people have approximately two weeks to continue it.
08/27/2012 (8:43 am)
Well, the 27th has come and gone with no more entries. So you are the definitive winner Ron. Let me know which engine you would like a license to.
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