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Game Development Curriculum Free to Schools

I would like to invite all of you within the GarageGames community to take the opportunity to view our entire Game Development course and to provide us with your thoughts and feedback.

Author Geoff Beckstrom Date 12/05/2014 (2:25 pm) Comment 16 comments

Game Development Curriculum

In my last blog, I discussed GG|Interactive, a new initiative at GarageGames. We've been working hard on our curriculum and it's great to see it in the high schools and higher education.

Author Eric Preisz Date 09/26/2014 (5:43 pm) Comment 13 comments

Torque 2D 3.1 Available Now!

At the end of the 3.0 release blog, we mentioned wanting to review how changes are pushed from the development branch into master. Today, Torque 2D 3.1 is the result of that effort. It's easy to forget when using the development branch as your daily engine environment, just how far behind master branch/binary users can be in terms of bug fixes and feature additions.

Author Michael Perry Date 08/14/2014 (8:07 am) Comment 10 comments

Torque 2D 3.0 COMPLETE!

On February 5th, 2013, Torque 2D 2.0 was released to the world for the first time under an open source MIT license. Between then and now, over a year has passed with a lot of learning and adjusting to an open source development model. Slowly but surely, feature after feature was added to the engine, bugs were fixed, and documentation was written. Today we can proudly present to everyone Torque 2D 3.0.

Author Michael Perry Date 05/03/2014 (5:13 am) Comment 62 comments

Torque 2D 3.0 Update

It has been a little while since the last official update regarding the 3.0 release of Torque 2D. 3.0 is getting closer and closer to release but development has been rather slow. Before we dive into the major features of 3.0 and the remaining work the Steering Committee wanted to give a huge shout out and thanks to the following people for contributing to Torque 2D.

Author Michael Perry Date 04/01/2014 (9:44 am) Comment 21 comments

Next Torque 3D Steering Committee and T3D 3.5.1

A brand new Torque 3D Steering Committee, and T3D 3.5.1 released! Continue reading to find out more...

Author Dave Wyand Date 03/10/2014 (3:20 pm) Comment 28 comments

DevQuest / GG Interactive

As you may have read recently in the latest post from Eric Preisz, GarageGames has formed a new professional services business and brand called GG Interactive. The company has undergone quite a metamorphosis over the last couple of years and is now making great efforts and inroads to being a go-to solution for technical development needs of companies in the game, themed entertainment and education spaces.

Author Joseph Date 03/05/2014 (4:05 pm) Comment 14 comments